We want you to be satisfied with your purchase of our products.
If you have any questions, contact our support team - [email protected]
For your purchase of Influencer Secrets
we offer a 30-day conditional money back guarantee.

You are eligible for a full refund if you complete the training, apply what was taught and are not able to achieve noticeable results from the materials covered.
If you feel this is the case contact our support team via email and provide evidence that you have applied the training. Our team will review your submission and attempt to correct the issue. If we are unable to solve the issue you will be given a full refund.
Refund requests must be submitted, along with proof that training has been applied, before 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on the 30th day following your purchase.

After you submit your materials, all refunds are discretionary*.
No refunds will be provided after 30 days following purchase.
We do not provide refunds if you simply change your mind.

*This policy is designed to allow people to apply our training, and if it genuinely doesn’t work they can get their money back. It is not to enable you to simply download the materials then promptly ask for a refundIf it is clear that you have not applied the strategies taught your refund will be denied. However, we will provide support for you to get results.

If any questions remain contact our support team - [email protected]

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