Discover The Top 7 Mistakes FB Influencers Make That Are KILLING Their Audience, And Sales!
Gene Adam here, leader of Art of Influence Marketing… I started doing influencer marketing and today I do 2-3 Facebook Lives a day but this wasn't always the case. In fact it wasn't the case even 6 months ago..

As an influencer I had FOUR courses and trainings before this one and I failed to sell them every single time. I made the worst mistakes and I want to help you avoid making these mistakes and get you results faster with you being THE INFLUENCER and the person to go to, so you can scale your business very quick.

After mentoring some of my clients they were able to get 10x results without paying money for advertising. I've noticed a pattern of common mistakes that people make that kill their sales and engagement.

If you are making these mistakes - let's stop them right NOW! And get you back on track to sales…
Mistake #1 - Being Scared of Facebook Lives
It is the key to your Influencer success.

One fo the biggest issues I see that most people don't want to do Facebook lives. It is "hard" they say, "I can never do lives", "I'm not a camera person".

I was saying these excuses to my self for the longest time… I suffered from stuttering, forgetting about what to say next.. I literally couldn't stand one live… I was so embarrassed and I was afraid that I will screw it up… In fact if a loser like me could be brave enough to get this done, I know you can do it for sure… It is easy now but it came to me with time!

If you want to rise above the "normal" crowd and be the go-to person, this is a must and you won't face almost any competition.
Mistake #2 - Not Delivering enough VALUE
A lot of wanna-be's just keep on dropping links to their offers. Or, they just add you to their group without your permission. This is a big no-no in our business.

What needs to happen is exactly the opposite. You need to deliver the VALUE for free and people will line up with their credit cards.

Have you ever heard the customers say, "If his FREE stuff is so good, can you imagine what his PAID stuff is going to be like?"

In fact, I've heard it so many times that nowadays I give away the farm because I know it will come back to me 10X… Works like a charm…

Mistake #3 - Not Posting in Other Groups
You need to post in other groups and it is very important if you don't want to pay for ads.

You have to get your audience somehow? Right? What is it going to be? Facebook ads? Or YouTube? Or any other way? You can do it many different ways, but if you are starting and you are on budget I got great news for you - your perfect audience is already on Facebook.

Maybe you don't know them. But they are scattered in the Facebook Groups somewhere…

It's your job to find them, but the fact that they are there is already half the battle won…

You can join related groups in your perfect market and if you do it right you can give them a lot of value. Once they see you are giving them SO MUCH stuff, they will come to your wall, research about you and join your group Pretty cool right?

So you wonder how do you write an awesome post that brings them to your group?

If you are a part of my group, pay attention, I will cover a lot of these detail on Facebook Lives in the Art Of Influencer Marketing Group.

Mistake #4 - Not Having Your Own Facebook Group
If you still don't have a Facebook group, please create one. This is the quickest way to build your audience.

Click on the arrow (on the top left corner) and click on "Create Group" and go from there...

Remember to have good keywords in the Title of the group. People will be searching facebook for those terms.
Mistake #5 - Lack of Leadership
If you are not leading you are following.

Be a leader not a follower. Especially in your own Facebook group. I'm not joking, a lot of you rather stand by and not proactively engage. The posts in the group have to command attention. The facebook lives need to engage, answer and follow up just like a teacher in the school.

Be proactive, help them and nurture them because these are the people that should be your fans for life. That's when they will buy from you.

Mistake #6 - Lack of Branding
If you don't have a clear branding you already lost it to your competition… Because they probably do… Be clear, simple, concise and straight to the point...

The title of your group has to reflect exactly what you do!

One thing that that will help you master FB groups is understanding how people consume and take action on the platform.

If you understand the habits of your customer avatar, you can create your strategy to cater to how people are already watching, clicking, and purchasing. Know how they consume, and you will know what content to make.

It's a fact that people type in group names and click on group names that are relevant to them. If a certain search term comes up on top of the search list a lot then it's the winner.

A LOT of people are making this big mistake and naming their group after their brand name.

Before they join your group, they don't know anything about you or your brand yet. That's okay - they'll get to know you soon enough after they join. But how will they know to join if your group name is irrelevant to their interests?

Use amazing pictures. If you don't have graphic skills. Get somebody for $5 on Fiverr... Your brand is so, so important.

No fluff...

Mistake #7 - Lack of Consistency
And the last one but not the least is to BE CONSISTENT. You might not think it's important. But this "one" is probably the hardest part of the business. Tell me if you've done this:

You start something, then you get bored and you move on to doing something else… Shiny object syndrome anybody?

It's hard to wake up and write a book every day for one year…

It's hard to write 3 posts per day and publish it in 5 groups for the next 90 days…

It's hard to create a podcast and record a recording every single day…

It's hard to do 1 Facebook Live per day…

But if you don't publish 1 Facebook Live per day… Then you'll never be an influencer… Because probably your competitor will do that instead of you.

If it's so hard, do 3 FB lives per week… But do it consistently - it's the key!

"Grow your group, grow your business!"
-Gene Adam